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Our team of dental assistants and dentists

Discover a unique dental team  in Brussels

The Dental Treatment Center of Brussels consists of several general and specialized dentists, and a team of dental assistants.

Our unique location at the immediate vicinity of the European Institutions, makes it very convenient for a large number of patients to walk to our dental center to get treatment during the day without having to take a day off to go to dentist far away.

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Dr. Mendozza Antonio

Head of office / Oral surgeon / Periodontist

Nationality : Italian - Mother tongue Italian - Fluent in English and French.

Dr. Visentin Alessandra

Restorative dentistry / Orthodontist - Children specialist

Nationality : Italian - Mother tongue Italian - Fluent in English and French.

Dr. Redor Brice

Aesthetic & restorative dentistry - Adult specialist

Nationality : French - Mother tongue French - Fluent in English.

Mrs. Moisson Valérie


Nationality : Belgian - Mother tongue French - Fluent in English and Dutch.

Mrs. Nacera Laaroubi

Dental Assistant

Nationality : Belgian - Mother tongue French - Fluent in Arabic and English.

Mrs. Sara Nunes

Bleaching and Cosmetic Dentistry

Nationality : Portuguese - Mother tongue Portuguese- Fluent in English and French.


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.